Drugs and other medical products may suffer from a variety of defects, including design defects, manufacturing defects, problems with the testing of the drug or device, inadequate warnings or instructions for use, problems with the doctor's prescription or incorrect distribution by the pharmacist.

Any of these defects can cause serious injuries including life-threatening reactions. Adverse side effects are one of the most common problems with prescription and over-the-counter medications. Problems can also arise if the manufacturer failed to disclose adverse testing results or adverse reactions to the drug or if contaminates entered the product during manufacturing.

Defective products can cause devastating injuries sometimes leading to death. Manufacturers are responsible for personal injury or wrongful death that is caused by the use of their products if they are defective. The law requires that companies follow industry standards when designing, testing and manufacturing their products. This includes reporting problems and warning consumers if they become aware of product defects.

Problems frequently occur with medical device manufacturers who fail to properly design and test new products before they are used by consumers. This often results in product recalls after patients are already relying on the medical device.

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