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Representing patients who have suffered side effects from defective Medtronic defibrillator leads and representing families who have lost a loved one in filing Medtronic class action lead recall lawsuits.

The Medtronic lead recall attorneys at the Fields Law Firm are dedicated to protecting your interests and handling your Medtronic recall lawsuit with personal attention, aggressive advocacy, professionalism, and compassion.

All Medtronic Sprint Fidelis class action (MDL) cases have been transferred to federal court in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Medtronic is based in Minnesota and our law firm is ideally located for representing patients with defective Medtronic lead wires. Our office is located in Minneapolis, close to the courthouse and judge assigned to oversee all of the Medtronic defective heart lead claims.

On October 15, 2007 Medtronic issued a recall of defective lead wires. Reports of at least five deaths associated with the Medtronic defibrillator leads prompted the Medtronic recall. The recalled leads were implanted in an estimated 268,000 patients. Under circumstances where a lead fractures or breaks, the lead can send false signals that cause unnecessary jolting defibrillator shocks or fail to deliver the needed electrical shock to a patient.

The Food & Drug Administration is recommending that patients with implanted defective Medtronic leads should contact their doctor as soon as possible, especially if they have experienced multiple shocks, lightheadedness, fainting or palpitations.

Defective Sprint Fidelis Leads

In October 2007, Medtronic’s Sprint Fidelis defibrillation leads were recalled in the best interest of patient safety due to the potential for lead fractures. Following lead fractures some patients have died and others have reported experiencing complications as a result of defective leads such as unnecessary shocks or jolts or not operating at all. In their October 15, 2007 letter to patients, Medtronic states that patients with a Sprint Fidelis lead “…are more likely to experience complications from removal than from a problem with a Sprint Fidelis lead”. Patients who have the implanted Medtronic leads subject to the recall are forced into the difficult position of deciding whether to have the Medtronic leads removed or risk potential future problems.

Medtronic Heart Lead Recall

The following model numbers of the Sprint Fidelis family of defibrillator leads have been recalled:

• Sprint Fidelis 6930
• Sprint Fidelis 6931
• Sprint Fidelis 6948
• Sprint Fidelis 6949

Medtronic Class Action Lawsuit

The Medtronic heart lead class action claims are being handled through what is referred to as multidistrict litigation or “MDL”. All of the Medtronic recall cases have been consolidated and transferred to federal court in Minnesota where Medtronic is headquartered. Cases are still pursued individually. Multidistrict litigation involves the discovery phase of the Medtronic litigation and individual cases are returned to the original court in which they were filed after the completion of the discovery stage of the Medtronic litigation.

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